Premio delle Arti Premio della Cultura XXIX edizione

Ieri ho avuto l’onore di ricevere il Premio delle Arti Premio della Cultura, ormai giunto alla XXIX edizione. Mi è stato consegnato dal Presidente della Giuria Prof. Dott. Carlo Franza, storico dell’arte moderna e contemporanea [...]

Rome is a buttered toast in free fall on the ground.

Rome is a buttered toast in free fall on the ground. You may plan to clean up the crumbs, to throw everything in the bin and to find a new one to munch on. You [...]

Venice as you’ve never seen it before

I’ve decided to add a personal touch to one of the historical symbols of Venice. It all happened while I was surrounded by a breath-taking “caigo” (the Venetian word for “fog”). Winter is here. Among [...]

Can I buy a professional Reflex with less than 300 euros?

The market is nowadays packed with devices with different prices, for all kinds of users and for any kind of need.Prices may defer according to a number of different reasons, but I don’t intend to [...]

Photography Must Be Taken Seriously

Being a photographer is a craftsman able to shape light at will, to guarantee a final product which reflects him, skiful at ensuring eternity to a single moment. This is a long exposure. This is [...]

Milan Sucks!

Alone in the city. This is how Milano has to be savoured at night. Wearing my headphones and holding my heart in my hands. Everything calms down, words slow down, she falls asleep entrusting her [...]