Nicholas Viviani was born in 1992, he has a humanistic education, he graduates in law at the University of Milan with a thesis on the Tabula Picta, the link between Roman law, photography and law copyright. He is passionately dedicated to both commercial photography and to the authorial one. In 2017 he was awarded the Premio delle Arti Award of Culture by Prof. Dr. Carlo Franza, journalist and art historian of great renown. The following year he was one of the finalists of the Carlo Award Farioli. In the last quarter of the same year he brings Alone and Back To
Color, two of his historical projects, at the Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris. 2019 will see the author engaged in various significant projects: he is among the protagonists of the XII International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence, participates in the Riccardo Prina Award and exhibits both at the Triennale of Milan that at Palazzo Marliani Cicogna in Varese.

(Margherita Franzini)


Premio Riccardo Prina 2019 | Finalist

Premio Arte Carlo Farioli 2019| Finalist

Premio Arte Carlo Farioli 2018| Finalist

Premio delle Arti Premio della Cultura XXIX (International Award, 2017) | Winner




AAF Milan, Priori and Lakos Fine Art Gallery

The Human Path, Matalon Foundation, Personal Exhibition, Milan


Finalisti Premio Prina 2019, Galleria Ghiggini 1822, Varese

Un Racconto Fotografico w. Letizia Battaglia , Triennale, Milan 

XII Florence Biennale

Trame dell’immaginario – Segni, forme, cromie, Palazzo Marliani Cicogna, Varese

Genesis, Enésya Art Gallery, Milan

Azimut S.pA , Personal Exhibition, Milan

Balance, Enèsya Art Gallery, Milan

AAF, Milan


Art Simphony, Enèsya Art Gallery, Milan

Art Shopping Paris, Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris

Cheap Walls, Enesya Art Gallery, Milan

In-stabili equilibri, Palazzo Marliani Cicogna, Varese


Permanent Exhibition, Officine Riunite Milanesi, Milan

Personal Exhibition, Hometown