Professional photographer, artist and expert in digital strategies. One eye on the past, one eye on the future, this is how i look at photography. I decided to keep two dimensions alive: commercial photography (weddings, events, still life and portraits) and art works. I stay extremely active on social media and I can count on more than 50 thousand followers. In the past few years I’ve also given my contribution in helping small Italian firms go digital to expand their brand presence and reach. Since 2014 I’ve been working on “Alone” and “Back to Color”, two personal projects that look into man’s condition in the modern world. I’ve turned my studio into a haven of peace and tranquility and that’s where I produce my works in fine art using inks and pigments made in Germany. I’ve recently sold some of my works in the US and Europe.


Premio Riccardo Prina 2019 | Finalist

Premio Arte Carlo Farioli 2019| Finalist

Premio Arte Carlo Farioli 2018| Finalist

Premio delle Arti Premio della Cultura XXIX (International Award, 2017) | Winner




Finalisti Premio Prina 2019, Galleria Ghiggini 1822, Varese

Un Racconto Fotografico w. Letizia Battaglia , Triennale, Milan 

XII Florence Biennale

Trame dell’immaginario – Segni, forme, cromie, Palazzo Marliani Cicogna, Varese

Genesis, Enésya Art Gallery, Milan

Azimut S.pA , Personal Exhibition, Milan

Balance, Enèsya Art Gallery, Milan

AAF, Milan


Art Simphony, Enèsya Art Gallery, Milan

Art Shopping Paris, Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris

Cheap Walls, Enesya Art Gallery, Milan

In-stabili equilibri, Palazzo Marliani Cicogna, Varese


Permanent Exhibition, Officine Riunite Milanesi, Milan

Personal Exhibition, Hometown