The market is nowadays packed with devices with different prices, for all kinds of users and for any kind of need.Prices may defer according to a number of different reasons, but I don’t intend to bore you with technicalities right now! Let’s stick to the point: Is it somehow possible to find a professional device without having to invest more than 300 euro?First of all, let’s look into second-hand shops: there’s an uncountable and increasing number of online stores and bricks and mortar which offer an entire section dedicated to photographic material (most of the time inspected and covered by warranty).Another option is to buy from private individuals opting for a lower price but giving up on warranties that a shop can offer.I would personally suggest the less experienced to opt for shops, unless they find an individual who can offer a product covered by warranty.

As far as the camera is concerned, you should of course go for less recent but still well-performing models: I personally bought various old Canon 5D spending not more than 300/350 euros (depending on their condition) and covered by 1- year warranty. Fascinating and robust, this model represents the link between analogic and digital photography. If equipped with the right optical, there’s nothing to be jealous of “younger and more eye-catching ladies” out there. This model still belongs to the “old school” and it keeps the idea of a kind of photography which is distant from the cut-throat competition in technology and pixels which is typical of our society.


Having said this, choosing a camera is like choosing a dress: it has to suit you and look good on you.